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 At Michiana Eye Center, we carry the latest in contact lens technology, and specialize in the difficult-to-fit patients. This includes astigmatism-correcting lenses (toric), multifocal lenses, corneal diseases (like keratoconus) and post-surgical contact lens fits. We are committed to optimizing your vision and providing an enjoyable, comfortable lens experience.

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    Contact lenses through Michiana Eye Center are easy and convenient!

    Also: we'll send you a reminder notice when you're getting close to your next appointment. So save the hassle of trying to remember another appointment. That's what we're here for!

    Our expertise for your eyes

    Every doctor at all of Michiana Eye Center offices are specialists in contact lens fitting. They work with patients who are far-sighted, near-sighted, have astigmatism, or who require bifocals. Count on us to fit you with a contact lens that suits your prescription that will be custom calculated to your eye's specifications.

    We invite you to contact one of our convenient locations to schedule your contact lens examination.

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    Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

    • "I can say without a doubt that my experience with Michiana Eye Center has been life changing."
      Jane Underly - Patient Mishawaka, IN